Botox Wrinkle Removal Treatment – A Beginner’s Guide

best botox in bostonWrinkle is a kind of situation where your skin forms a small line or fold in an untidy way. Most aging people are more likely to develop wrinkles, but some people do not look even, as they are getting old. This is because we all have different types of body and nature. This article will discuss about Botox wrinkle removal treatment below.

Botox is seen as an effective and inexpensive removal treatment for wrinkle. It is normally done through injection on a particular area of the body. When this is performed, the muscles of the affected body would relax and the wrinkles would drastically reduce or diminish within a shortest period. Your body would become soft, smooth, and refreshing lasting for several months.

How this procedure is performed?

Wrinkle is caused by a muscles malfunction underneath your skin dermis. It initially affects the face with frown lines, crow’s feet, and laugh lines normally around the eyebrow. The procedure done for this involves the injection of the medication directly into the muscles causing the wrinkles. It blocks the nerve impulse from the brain, causing the wrinkles loosened and refreshes your skin looks.

The lasting of the effect of Botox treatment depends on the nature of the patient’s response to treatment. The effect of the injection last approximately 3-6 months, but for some people it may last longer or shorter than that.

After Botox treatment is performed, the effect doesn’t take much time to manifest. It normally appears within 72 hours of injection though it may take up to one week or more to intensify the effect. Your doctor may ask you to revisit once the initial treatment is done for assessment to find out how you are responding to treatment before further actions.

Does it hurt?

Pain or no pain, if the result would be positive I think it’s worth it. Botox is injected with a small needle therefore it doesn’t hurt much as you may think, the effect does not cause inflammation or any irritation, but patients may complain about mild itching that would not last long.

People that should not go for botox

Precautions always bound to be taken when performing Botox wrinkle treatment, because not all people would respond positively to it. Women who are pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to take Botox injection. Also a patient suffering from myasthenia, Lambert-Easton syndrome, and motor neuropathy, etc. Botox is not suggested for them. However, some of these patients might take Botox injection only if it has been tested and confirmed that it won’t cause any damage to their health.

Side effects

It is important to note that almost all medications have side effects, although these effects would only come and go therefore there is no need to panic, as this would turn out for good. In case, the side effects persist beyond expectations, you should visit your doctor for proper check up. The possible side effects may include bruising, itching, headache, allergic reactions, etc.



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